Clean Ears is a podcast that shows you the dopest Christian music and new artists. ​​
We have real conversations with young adult believers, tackling life from a Christian perspective. We’re all about the new and innovative movements in the Christian world.
Our guests are spotlighted for being believers, taking different paths in their faith.
"How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your word" (Psalms 119:9).
What’s in your headphones?

Part of our mission is to provide a clean, fun, godly alternative for your ears. When I searched the Christian category in iTunes, 98 of 100 podcasts were sermons. The other two podcasts didn't represent the voice of young people. We saw filling that void as our responsibility. I love listening to sermons from churches and but sometimes,I want something light and fun without having to compromise. I find that when I want something fun there was nothing I felt that I could relate to. My options were to either listen to alternative podcasts and feel SUPER convicted, listen to a sermon, or get frustrated and just listen to nothing. I didn't like those options. We are providing a much needed source of clean entertainment through a medium  in which we hope will also enrich people's walks with Christ and start conversations about what that looks like.
Simone Brown, Co-Creator of Clean Ears​​​​​

When I decided to be a Christian I knew it would mean giving up my old lifestyle and most of my old forms of entertainment. At first that meant being at home without a lot of social options (Netflix with no chill) but soon I started to find these really cool creatives who were like minded and we made it our goal to find things to be part of without compromising our faith. These last few years have been amazing and I want to share that freedom with others. When we saw a void in entertainment we knew it was our job to try and fill it! Podcasts have become a go-to form of entertainment and we want to use that platform to share our testimonies and faith but also to have fun and have discussions that we don't see happening on other formats. 
Seretha Collins, Co-Creator of Clean Ears

Meet The Crew
  1. Simone (@monealicia)
    Co-creator & Co-host
    Simone is a native of Jamaica living in what is considered the South's capital of music, she has a bird's eye view of the growing impact of music on culture. She knew that God had gifted her with a love of music and people who may be struggling with aspects of their Christian faith and through prayer and deep conversations Clean Ears was born. She brings her unique perspective of a hip hop head and songwriter to the Clean Ears Crew.
  2. Seretha (@SerethaJ)
    Co-creator & Co-host
    Seretha is a true California girl who moved to Atlanta in her early 20s after graduating college determined to figure out her purpose in the world. As a lover of music, Seretha found that friends would ask her opinion on new artists and shows in the area. She has a heart for young adults who find Christianity hard and through prayer and faith partnered with Simone for this podcast. She brings her sense of humor to the Clean Ears Crew.
  3. Courtney (@co.cochelle)
    Program Director
    Courtney is our true Georgia Peach on the Clean Ears Crew with an extensive music collection and may surprise unsuspecting friends with the knowledge of the most underground of music movements. She is blessed with many creative gifts such as drawing out the first draft of the Clean Ears logo! Courtney fell in love with the vision of Clean Ears and brings her sense of purpose and needed organization to the Clean Ears Crew.
  4. Darryl (D_Dawsonjr)
    Editor in Chief
    Darryl is a Georgia native who currently lives in Dallas, TX. He has been a friend of Clean Ears and contributor to The Collective since the beginning. He's also a student in seminary school who shares his love of Christ and the realness of this Christian walk through his writing. We are so grateful to have him as part of the Clean Ears Crew.
  5. Leighann (@ohleighann)
    Assistant Editor
    Leighann calls California home, and recently moved to Georgia in order to pursue her Masters in Social Work from UGA. She became an earbud a little over a year ago, and jumped at the chance to contribute to the Collective! She loves the Lord, does her best to love others well and hopes continue to use her gifts of editing and writing to glorify God and bring those who have yet to know Him, into His kingdom.